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is the present most versatile singer in the world with an impeccable command over his voice. He can render a wide range of songs with consummate ease. He is comfortable in genres such as bollywood songs both old and new songs and popular ghazals. With his talent and experience he enthrals listeners with his songs and charms audiences in the concerts.


SINGER SHASHI'S passion for singing was present right from the moment he uttered his first word. Shashikumar has a unique voice and a soulful rendering style that made him win several awards in school and colleges. He is a passionate singer with a lively voice and considers legendary Kishore kumar as his role model. His fondest memories are from his childhood times when he spent long hours of singing with his father, who is his first music teacher.


Music has been an integral part of his life and he has been performing in many musical stage shows [corporate, open grounds and for all other special occasions] and also given his voice to many albums

He is being booked for playback singing for an upcoming Bollywood movie MILEY SOME HOW.

For Shashi, music is not just his life-style, but it is an instrument of love! And he truly lives up to his signature - "I LOVE SINGING".